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HI Flying Air Ambulance and Medical Escort Service are unmatched for a patient who needs to travel both on Air Ambulance Charter flight with our expert medical team onboard a fixed-wing aircraft or a helicopter with a state of the art medical equipment with oxygen, medications and lifesaving resources in Manila and Cebu.
For the more stable patients, it provides an affordable option of travel in Business, First and Stretcher class with both BLS and ALS equipment, oxygen, and our visa ready medical escorts of Doctors, Nurses, and Paramedics to fly on PAL Philippines Airlines flight.

Our Process

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We Provide Affordable Air Ambulance Services for your Loved Ones!


When Time is Life - Your Partner in Travel
With our USA Standard of care and Operation centers in Asia/Middle East, we have managed to keep a high standard of care and at the same time - keep the Services Affordable to All

Air Ambulance

A Medical Flight - ICU on the wing with all ALS, including Monitors, Ventilators, Automated External Defibrillators, to transport critical patients on an emergency basis from Singapore to all locations in the world.

Medical Escorts

Doctors Nurses and Paramedics are experienced in flight physiology and Advanced life support (ALS). Our medical team members are full-time employees, which promotes reliable and superior medical care and contributes to Patient Safety during Travel.

Commercial Stretcher

Commercial Flight Stretcher in Singapore airlines flights is an economical way of transporting the right Patient in a lying-down arrangement with an MD/MD and MD/RN with Advanced Life-support equipment and oxygen for long-distance efficient, and safe travel for the right Patient.


EMS from remote locations including countries in Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Military bases in India with limited Medical facilities to a larger city with Tertiary care center or Health care Institutes in Singapore including hospitals like Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles, Singapore general hospital for lifesaving higher treatment including Cardiac and Neurosurgical facility.

Helicopter Ambulance

Helicopter EMS are available in select locations where an Air Ambulance does not fly. We fly Helicopter Ambulance services in select areas in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, or other remote locations.

Medical Flight

Contact us anytime for a Medical Flight including Emergency Medevac, Medical Charter flight, Air Ambulance Charter Flight, or Non-Emergency Commercial flight transfer for your loved ones at an affordable and economical cost.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is important for all International Travel. If you have an Travel Insurance and need Emergency Medical transport back home - we will coordinate with your Insurance company for a safe and early journey back home.

Funeral Shipping

In case of the death of a family member, our repat wing will take care of consulate and airline formalities to bring your family home from any location in the world. It could be RMR or ashes in Urn.


We aspire to provide world-class Patient Transport on Air Ambulance flights and Commercial Airlines at an affordable cost.
We maintain standards of patient care which are developed monitored and enforced as per global standards. We maintain a perfect workplace, a place where safety and quality of care are paramount. We inspire people to be better through continuing education.
We establish standards offering professional attitudes, using decision-making processes, taking action and continually seeking to improve quality of care to all patients irrespective of the patient nationality or location barriers. We provide Worldwide Patient Transport


HI Flying -Air Ambulance expertise in Medevac flights in operationally challenging situations both complex clinical cases and complex areas like US Military zones has been utilized for patients their families, Assistance companies or their Insurance companies. The flights are dedicated air ambulance charters with a range of aircrafts including Learjets 34 - 45 -60 and the versatile Gulfstream 150, which has a long-range to fly as far as Australia, China, Philippines, India, Myanmar and closer destinations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. We operate Diego Garcia too.


HI Flying has a vetted team of Doctor Nurses and Paramedics located in over 18 countries - visa ready to fly at short notice. The medical escorts based on qualification, experience, medical equipment capabilities, visa status and location are divided in to 5 different levels. Level 1-2 carry safe patients on Business class or Stretcher class with Basic Life support equipment. Level 3 Medical escorts can treat ventilator patients on Commercial airlines.Level 4 and Level 5 Medical escorts can handle patients on ventilators, IABP, and ECMO on Air Ambulance Flights. They are trained to handle patients of different cultures and can speak their language.

Commercial Airlines Stretcher Travel

HI Flying - Commercial Airlines Stretcher travel is a service appreciated by one and all. An absolute value for money proposition for the right Patient - it can be done on all our affiliated airlines ranging from Singapore airlines, Turkish, Lufthansa, Philippines, Thai Airways, Air India, Emirates, and KLM flights. Stretcher seats are compartmentalized by a curtain for privacy and have oxygen and medical equipment on board with a Medical escort or a team of Doctor and Nurse escort to take care of your patients.

Why Choose Us?

Medical Team

The team at HI Flying is selected from amongst the best of Doctors, nurses and paramedics in the world in terms of professional services, experience and caring attitude towards our patients, keeping safety of the Patient as the most important function for all transports.

Bedside to Bedside

Patient are escorted from one bed at the hospital of origin to the bed at the final destination thereby enabling safe and smooth transport of the Patient from one location to the final destination. Safety of Patient is of paramount importance.

24/7/365 Days

We work 24/7/365 days a year. We are available all days, including holidays. Be it New Year or Christmas, you can call us anytime - any day, and our team is available to help you with safe transport. Call us now.


The HI Flying team is geared for safe patient transport. Safety in all aspects of Patient transport is instilled in all members of the team - in terms of medical personnel training, medical equipment, and flights. No compromises are made in any aspect of Patient transport.


We have a multilingual staff who can speak English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and all Indian languages. Our team accepts medical reports in all languages. All pretravel assessment information is processed in all languages.


Communication is the key. Our database, for the year 2019, showed that cooperation between technology and medevac is not enough on its own, and the most decisive factor is the return of human touch and reciprocal communication.

Global Presence

A USA Company with a significant presence in Asia and Middle East Presence and our Hubs located at strategic locations, we can provide Medical transport services worldwide. We have 15 Audited Partners with whom we are well networked to carry out a seamless transport worldwide.


Our Insurance specialist can work with your Insurance company to provide cashless medical transport for your loved one. Our bills are accepted by all major Insurance and Assistance companies worldwide.


We are the most affordable and value for money medical transport service. Provide us your patient information, and we will provide an affordable option of transport for your loved one. It can be an Air Ambulance flight or a Commercial flight transfer.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance Statistics

What people say?

I just wanted to thank you for the quick arrangement for my mom to come home to me today. I truly appreciate how professional you were in handling of the complete transfer. You alleviated all of my concerns and brought my mom home safely. The team on the flight was fantastic!
I will never forget this experience and am truly grateful to you for making this as simple as possible for me.

Vincy Patel

My son is with me today. Thanks to you and your good team. I appreciate your help!

Richard Paul

My father who had a stroke in Singapore was brought home to Dubai in a safe manner. Good coordination. My family remember you in our prayers!

Mohamed Amin

The transfer happened in a timely manner. It was a lifesaving service.

Ingrid Ng

My friend in Dubai admitted at Rashid Hospital for Head Injury following a Road Accident. He was in an ICU - on ventilator.
He was transported back to Kochi India in a Commercial flight stretcher for an affordable cost. We all appreciate the help!

Jayan N


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iso accreditation

Press release

HI Flying in India, Philippines, Singapore and the UAE
Air Ambulance company, Hi Flying, has successfully gained International Assistance Group’s Accredited Service Provider status for air ambulance charter and medical escorts.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience dealing with the complexities in demanding areas, Hi Flying taps into an established network of aircraft types that can be deployed as air ambulances quickly and cost-effectively. Since its first fixed-wing air ambulance mission in 1996, over 3,000 medical evacuations have been co-ordinated on commercial airlines and private charter aircraft.

Recently, they were delighted to have attained the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 for their quality management systems.

Multi-lingual Medical Director, Dr Nitin Yende, commented: “Patient safety is absolutely paramount in all of our work and my focus is on the quality of the medical teams deployed as well as the equipment and protocols used.” Having been with the organisation since its earliest days, he added: “We have to maintain the flexibility to use a wide variety of aircraft types, over a wide area, not only to fulfil the medical needs of patients but also with a keen eye on costs.”

The countries served to represent a very dynamic market, including an exchange of labour work-force, expatriates, business and leisure travellers. Additionally, within India and surrounding countries, Hi Flying provides the capability to transfer patients to world-class facilities.

Originally formed in 1991 to provide critical care ground transportation in Mumbai, Hi Flying has developed into an international company, registered in the USA with a 24/7 operations centre in the Indian city of its foundation.

HI Flying LLC

Mangal arambh, Kora kendra, Near Macdonalds,

Borivli, Vivekanand Nagar, Borivali West,

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092, India

Tel : +1 646 480 6268

Tel : +91 9821150889

Email: admin@hiflyingllc.com

Email: emergency@hiflyingllc.com

Website: https://flyingairambulance.com/
HI Flying - Preparing for Security Challenges in the Year 2020
Protecting sensitive data and preventing data breaches of the patient and patient transfer records is an essential agenda for the year 2020.

HI Flying has a strong, clearly defined IT and data governance standards that identify the required controls to store, protect, and securely transmit data and expecting the same control expectations of our affiliated service providers.

Agenda for 2020

Continue to focus on skill development opportunities for the team, particularly on emerging technologies, intelligent automation, continuous integration tools, and approaches to auditing development operations.

Expand our team's leadership involvement in professional learning platforms

Work to further improve our integrated auditing approach and data analytics expanded testing initiatives.

How does HI Flying protect our data privacy and keep our information safe?

Vault our passwords, shred mail with personal information, conscientiously manage my social media presence, continuously review financial transactions on accounts for any irregularities.

Security-related Matters- From the Director's Desk

As a discipline, Information security has come a long way. Security practices have become more sophisticated over time. The traditionally emphasized domains such as physical security appear to be well under control, or perhaps their importance has declined due to the virtualization of today's information system.

Thirty years ago, when HI Flying started operations, the information systems had recognizable boundaries, and it was easy to determine if the moats are filled with water. The bridges were pulled up to secure the castle. Not so anymore.

Information security over the last many years has struggled on shaky grounds. Personal computers, networks, the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) are some of the progressive developments that have kept information security tiptoeing around numerous unprecedented challenges.

Demands from new generations of users, as in the use of smartphones, and a shift toward greater efficiency- as in cloud sourcing - have pushed systems to do more and with quick turnaround time.

We are moving towards a paperless communication. Documents like checks, bank statements, annual reports, and proxy statements are no longer physically visible; instead, most documents are delivered through the Web.

The three main objectives of information systems are Functionality

Availability has gained considerable ground. In the past, if a system is not available for some time, only a few users may get affected. Now in the connected world, most systems are expected to be accessible almost all the time.

The new generation is networked, and wireless systems mean higher risk to security, whether we are aware or not. But security systems for new scenarios are not very easy. They require creativity and innovation backed by research in security technology to meet the challenges of new known vulnerabilities and unidentified blind spots.

The foremost pressure on security solutions is in keeping the costs of security low while not jeopardizing system availability and functionality.

It is a known fact that the ultimate responsibility for security rests with the entity that owns or controls the system.

Third parties are essential in the life of an entity. Still, the choice of engaging them comes with the obligation of managing risks and vulnerabilities that third parties knowingly or otherwise bring to the entity.

Whether it is cloud services from a global leader in cloud solutions or other such services - we need to ensure that our enterprise is safe. The answer to this is best determined by us, and the control of the same lies with our company.

Small things make a big difference.
Whether it is a customer or a vendor who provides services or supplies, their association with the entity is bonded in what data they share and how they share and what access rights are granted to them.

In our Medevac and Healthcare industry, patient data is accessible to patients, medical insurance providers, physicians, and hospital administrators. These include data generated throughout the entire process, from making an appointment with a physician to sharing results of tests to diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Managing relationships intertwined with virtual access to all involved in providing healthcare - including those who work with patient billing is essential, and security questions should be addressed amongst other aspirations regarding interconnected systems.

We believe that the security obligation cannot be fulfilled by merely outsourcing security services. Outsourcing a security service does not mean that the entity can transfer the responsibility of being secure to anyone else; that responsibility remains with us.

One cannot be blindsided by the comfort with and assurance from service providers, many of whom are formidable enterprises with solid reputations for helping their customers stay secure. However, a wrong step on the customer's part may be as simple as not properly configuring the firewall that guards their data residing with the provider. No matter where the data and the information processes go, the company that owns them must take charge of providing security of such resources satisfactorily.

Farming out security solutions is not the same thing as delivering the overarching responsibility of risk management. An in-depth understanding of what its entity's full risk spectrum - is something our company understands.

The secure CRM Software at HI Flying

A clear sign of the understanding that software may not be bulletproof comes from the renewed interest in inviting external parties - researchers, hackers, and engineers to locate vulnerabilities in our organization's code. The organization provides access to the code and offers incentives wherein the size of the reward is aligned with the severity of the vulnerability identified. Inviting outsiders to unearth your software's weaknesses is a risk, but the payoff could be significant. The organization may not have the right skill set, knowledge of the hacker's motives and tools, or sufficient resources to pursue such moves. Only an outsider can do it. And the cost is proportionate to risk identified, so the tactics are cost-effective. Ultimately, the value of this initiative lies in how quickly our company acts on the vulnerabilities disclosed.

Humans are the dominant source of Security compromises.

Over the years, we have realized that Humans working in an organization are the dominant source of security compromises. No matter how strong the security measures, compromises invariably happens. Technology only facilitates; it is the humans who do the damage. Despite all the laws, regulations, codes of conduct, enforcement actions, and punishments, wrongdoing has been around and will continue to persist. If anything, wrongdoing has been recognized as a norm rather than an exception.

Human tendencies are etching on a coin; people cannot change their character easily, at least in the short run.

According to one fraud model, a person's disposition - tendencies, attitudes, propensities, habits reflect the person's virtues, and depending on the disposition, the person may be self-regarding or other-regarding in nature. Influential managers of self regarding nature are more vulnerable to the temptations of compromising their moral resolve. As a result, a self regarding disposition can be considered a red flag in detecting or preventing a crime.

Even organizations with unlimited resources for security are still at the mercy of the weakest link in their chain - the human element. In the year 2013, Edward Snowden leaked classified information from the US National Security Agency (NSA). While these are extreme cases of human conduct failure, many others likely happen daily and are committed by ordinary office people who are tech-savvy and serve in sensitive areas of information systems.

In an elaborate design of computer security, the one moving target is the human being. It would be easy to dismiss the cases noted as aberrations because the actors in such cases are sociopaths. If accepted as a valid generalization, this would also result in refusal to recognize that at the center of such breaches, there are one or more humans who helped stage the crime.

Regardless of categorization, the fact remains that humans are the primary trigger in the collapse of security. Knowing this character deep down is probably the only remedy.

Answers to human frailty remain obscure, and often, the search for solutions is considered fruitless.

How do you measure the disposition of key employees? How do you assess the identified dispositional characteristics? Do you promote known managers from within to trusted and critical roles, or do you recruit so-called trusted people from outside the organization?

The answer is complicated and needs a lot more research. However, in the long run, putting more weight on the human side of wrongdoing will help detect or prevent security breaches.

At HI Flying - we emphasis on

Knowing the individual who inherits responsibility for security risk Understanding how well the individual will cope when it is time to deliver.

It is easy to say that existing controls should be strengthened, and new ones should be built.
However, it is never really is any certainty that security objectives will be fully achieved.
Due to challenges in deciphering human nature, the progress on knowing how the human link breaks down has been slow. More recently, there has been a higher degree of interest in uncovering ways to address why people indulge in wrongdoing and what can be done to minimize the impact of such tendencies.
It would be easy to say that human nature is unfathomable, and even if it was not, the tools and techniques to put such knowledge to use do not exist. Therefore, our reliance is always on enforcement.

Dr. Nitin Yende
Medical Director
HI Flying
Air Ambulance International
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+91 98211 50889

E - admin@hiflyingllc.com

Website: https://flyingairambulance.com/
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