Air ambulance

Air Ambulance Cuba to Manila

Air Ambulance Cuba to Manila

Critical patient in Cuba needed economical commercial flight to Manila Philippines

Patient was critical in a hospital in Cuba with multi-organ failure and was on ventilator. 

Ideally, He needed an Air Ambulance Charter flight back home to Philippines.

Long distance Air Ambulance flights can be exorbitantly expensive.

His family could not afford so did his employer.

We arranged the permissions to fly the patient on Commercial airlines - Stretcher arrangement was arranged with oxygen and Advance Lifesupports on board of KLM flight.

Our Medical team comprising of an Intensive care doctor and qualified trained nurse was dispatched to Cuba. 

They visited the patient a day before the transfer.

On the day of transfer, an Advanced Lifesupport Ground Ambulance transported the patient to the tarmac of the Commercial flight. The Medical team monitored and managed the patient during the long journey from Cuba to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Manila.

On arrival the patient was transported to the Hospital in Manila Philippines.

The Family and the company was happy about the safe transportation of a critical patient at an economical cost.

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