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Air Ambulance services in MAURITIUS

Air Ambulance services in MAURITIUS

Air Ambulance services in MAURITIUS.

Once Marc Twain indited that first and then heaven was engendered and that after Mauritius heaven was facsimiled. 
Mauritius is rightly famous for its powder-white beaches, sapphire waters.  However,  Mauritius is very much appealing country for the beach, and it's the special type of location that rewards Mauritius.  Mauritius ' characteristics make the island a distinctive place in the globe, and the individuals of Mauritius are known for their compassion and courtesy to all.  Mauritius is a wonderful destination where visually canvassing excellent wildlife is an awe-inspiring experience. Hiking is taking place in the wooded and mountainous interior and offshore diving and snorkeling of the world-class. The blissful volcanic island of Mauritius is home to sun-kissed beaches, sky-blue lakes and a hotchpotch of English, Creole and European cuisine.  Even though English is the official language, a very tiny proportion of the population speaks English. The population density of Mauritius is highest among African countries and one of the highest in the world. 
Mauritius is geographically part of the African continent, situated in the Indian Ocean. Placed at the crossing of the African continent and the Asian continent, the island nation has a fusion of distinct languages, religions, and cultures. Mauritius is in Africa's most dynamic economy. Mauritius ranks the world's 64th per capita nominal GDP (US$ 10.504). Mauritius is known for mixed economic development based on manufactured exports, farming, tourism, and financial services.
Government efforts to strengthen the economy were prosperous after 1980 and the island is no longer fully reliant on sugar production. There are many financial institutions in Mauritius, including a development bank, offshore banking equipment, and a number of commercial banks. The Bank of Mauritius is the central bank that issues the currency of the country, the rupee of Mauritius. The stock exchange of the country is situated in Port Louis, the capital. Mauritius has created a significant social welfare system after independence, which offers the entire country with free essential health facilities. Care is provided through a network of hospitals, clinics, family planning facilities and centers for social welfare. Old age pensions, family benefits, and other social protection measures are also provided.

 Airports in Mauritius 
The two main airports are - Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport and Sir Gaetan Duval Airport.

Importance of public and private healthcare in Mauritius.
There are mainly five regional hospitals and two district hospitals (Souillac Hospital and Mahebourg Hospital) in Mauritius. There are some known hospitals specializing in specific fields, such as the ENT hospital in Vacoas the Brown Sequard psychiatric clinic in Beau-Bassin, the Subramaniam Bharati eye hospital in Moka, and the Poudre d’Or hospital with a focus on the treatment of pulmonary diseases. Most private clinics are modern and getting their pieces of equipment through private investments. Consequently, there's been a boost in the medical tourism industry in Mauritius. 

Why air ambulance is required in Mauritius?
During natural hazards, epidemic outbreaks, and road accidents, air ambulance transport facilities are used. Mauritius is located in the tropical cyclone belt of the Indian Ocean, and as temperatures increase, may experience more intense cyclones. It is prepared to flood more frequently and more severely with flash. In 2013, flash floods in Port Louis, the capital, led in the deaths of 11 individuals. The risks to the coastline and tourism industry are just a few aspects of the risks faced by Mauritius from rising temperatures. Mauritius is categorized as the nation with the 13th largest danger of disasters, according to the recent World Risk Report, and is the seventh most subjected to natural hazards. Higher sea levels pose a threat but change the appearance of shoreline parts. In Mauritius, sea levels rise at an average rate of 5.6 mm per year and create a specific threat to the tourism sector.  This incidence could reduce tourism income by 2050 by as much as $50 m a year. The island is creating an early warning system that will provide three days notice of possible storm surges and enhance its ability to evacuate individuals from sensitive regions.

In 2016, the global market size for air ambulance services was valued at USD 3.7 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.37 percent over the five-year forecast period. Moreover, Mauritius is having exotic beaches and wonderful resorts which are highly popular among travelers. Mauritius ' accessibility of reimbursement plans, with a significant improvement in Mauritius ' economy, an exceptional increase in per capita healthcare spending is significant variables that are accountable for this market segment's development. This is also applicable to other major countries. Further to add prevalence of chronic diseases, such as Cardiac, Ortho, Nephro, and Urological disorders require an immediate emergency medical response. Continuous global advance in medical infrastructure essentially is some for all intents and purposes key points for air ambulance services industry to generally grow at a sturdy rate over for all intents and purposes next five periods, which is quite significant. 

 As technology progresses, the usability and efficiency of air medical services that provide time-sensitive care will improve. To complement this growing demand, service suppliers are offering a broad variety of services in air medical transportation, particularly in developing economies. In addition, service providers have been steadily increasing, leading to intensified competition. For example, cumulatively, with more than 1,300 aircraft, there are more than 300 service providers in the USA. The presence of reimbursement policies helped these services develop at a profitable pace by assisting them to overcome the difficulties associated with elevated rates.

What is Air ambulance services in Mauritius?
Air Ambulance services in Mauritius is an Important service provider that offers medically equipped aircraft that are used to transfer patients with medical emergencies. With world-class facilities, it is easier to relocate your patients from one region to another or sometimes even to another country. An Air Ambulance is an aircraft which is utilized for emergency medical assistance for more expeditious replication to areas where air convey facility is mostly non-available. The Government is working closely with private players to improve the service and is also adding new formats of transportation to aid emergency cases. One such initiative is the Air Ambulance service in Mauritius. 
A company from Mauritius Medic Assistance International (MAI) is providing 365 days of medical, health, travel and technical assistance is offering their best services throughout the day. Medic Assistance International are helping in SOS Assistance, Worldwide repatriation, air ambulance, travel support, tourist aid, Medievac, medical services, technical and tourist help in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and nearby countries. Mauritius ' Medic Assistance International offers global services of traveling, healthcare, and medical aid from everywhere in the Indian Ocean and neighboring nations, including Medical evacuation.

Why choose the services of HI FLYING - AIR AMBULANCE INTERNATIONAL in Maurtius?
 A Trusted and reputed name in air ambulance patient transportation on Commercial and Charter flights worldwide since 1991. A company incorporated in the United States of America with its operation center in India and UAE. They are highly active with its hubs located in Asia - Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nepal, and the Middle East - Dubai, Kenya in Africa and Sydney in Australia. They are the pioneer in the field of Air Ambulance comes a responsibility to keep the standards high so that subsequent followers ascertain good accommodations to the citizens of Mauritius.   Air Ambulance International team provides patient conveyance on Commercial and Charter flights across the globe. They are much prompt professional and giving many services with quick response to your request. They are having a team of erudite Medical escorts, medicos, nurses, paramedics and experienced pilots who fly  Air Ambulance aircraft with dedication and love. Furthermore, Flight stretcher transfer is an economical option is also available with  Air Ambulance flights. They possess the cognizance, judgment, adaptability, clinical skills, technical ken-how and personal characteristics ample to carry out the scope of patient care during peregrinate. For the Betterment of the patient, Safety, and the Service quality with a smile makes them famous in the globe. In highly critical conditions like Trauma Cases, Neurologic disorders, Abdominal and Pelvic injuries,  Orthopedic injury, burns, Infrequent Snake bites their guideline will make you more comfortable. They always care the patients having Non-trauma injuries which may involve Cardiac episodes namely Unstable angina, Acute myocardial infarction. Even in earnest conditions like Pulmonary quandaries- Pneumonia and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Astringent anemia, acute on chronic renal failure, acute pancreatitis, and other medical conditions their guidance are more valuable. Their professional and dedicated sеrviсеѕ are tурiсаllу available 24 hоurѕ a dау, 7 dауѕ a wееk for thоѕе who need medical air trаnѕроrt. Your one call OR Your one email is enough sufficient to them for necessary action.  Your one phone call or email can save a life. 

Their mind-blowing Unique selling point is The Most Efficient and Professional Air Ambulance at the most Economical-Cost which always preserve the money of the patient. 
They understand the value of life. 

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