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Air Ambulance services in Uganda

Air Ambulance services in Uganda

Air Ambulance services in Uganda. 

African Pearl (UGANDA) in Brief.
Uganda packs a lot into a tiny nation with a tapestry of scenery, great wildlife viewing, and welcoming locals. It is home to the highest mountain range in Africa (the Rwenzoris), the Nile source, the longest river in the world, and the largest lake on the continent. Rafting the Nile presents a world-class adrenaline adventure, but tracking mountain gorillas in their nebulous surroundings is the most classic experience in the region.Uganda was independent of the United Kingdom in 1962. Uganda is an African eastern country. Uganda's official surname is the' Pearl of Africa,' the Republic of Uganda's official name. Five nations border on the landlocked country. The nation is the 35th biggest nation in the globe, with a population of almost 38 million. It is the 81st biggest nation in the globe by zone with a region of over 93,000 square miles. Kampala is the capital city, and it is also Uganda's biggest town. With a president, vice president, and prime minister, it has a dominant semi-presidential republic government. The motto of the country is "For God and My Country," and the Ugandan shilling is its currency. Uganda is the perfect state for visitors interested in these creatures, containing half of the world's mountain gorillas population. 

Uganda has one of the largest levels of traffic deaths per car in the globe, according to the World Health Organization. Roads are poorly maintained, poorly labeled and poorly illuminated in Uganda. During the day, road travel to other towns outside Kampala is hazardous and risky at night.  The country of Uganda has a GDP of 23.67 billion dollars. The warmth and hospitality of Ugandans are renowned. The African Economist actually called Uganda one of the most friendly nations in Africa. Lake Victoria is Africa's biggest lake, situated in Uganda. This lake is linked to the river of the Nile. Despite being a landlocked country, there are many big lakes in Uganda. The country's south is highly influenced by Lake Victoria, one of the world's largest lakes, which includes many islands. The primary towns of Uganda are situated in the south, close to this lake, including Kampala's capital. In addition to Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Edward, and the lower Lake George are to be found. In the middle of the nation, Lake Kyoga is encircled by vast forested fields.


Problems with health care in Uganda.
Uganda has one of the worst health records in the globe, but the growth of local amenities and youth coaching will provide thousands of individuals with life-saving services. The health care system in Uganda operates on a referral basis. The smaller health centers refer patients to larger health centers that they can not treat, referring patients to regional clinics. Access to medical therapy in rural Uganda is a difficult challenge. Without organized transportation to a health center for medical emergencies often means many hours of walking or riding a bicycle. Even if a patient enters a health center effectively, there is no assurance that the health center will be able to provide medicine or services. 
The EMS in Uganda is presently dependent on assistance from poorly funded NGOs. Trained medical technicians do not employ most ground ambulances in Uganda. There is no guarantee that the patient will receive the required medical intervention if someone is taken to the hospital in a timely way. With government funding already limited for healthcare targeted at treating infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV, there is nothing left to improve any emergency medicine phase. Increasing the poor emergency care in most Ugandan hospitals, patients who are fortunate enough to get to a hospital are facing an almost enormous challenge of receiving any emergency care. An investment in emergency medicine is needed to make Uganda healthier and more viable. But there's hardly any, hoping it can make emergency treatment part of Uganda's medical system. 

Major outbreaks, epidemics, natural catastrophe, emergency medical, lack of advanced medical expertise and therapy are some of the factors that create the necessity for Air ambulance options.


Why air ambulance services are important in UGANDA?
Air ambulance services enhance the capacity to get the right patient to the right medical facility within the right time frame. This is a well-adapted system worldwide. Air ambulances in Uganda help enhance healthcare in Uganda.
Based on various parameters Country Uganda is progressing well ahead. However, the following options will be more helpful for Uganda. These factors will boost the business of air ambulance in Uganda. 

Time-saving: Air transport makes it possible to cover long distances in a shorter time than would be feasible with ground transportation. This is even more important for nurses as the first hour of an accident or emergency is critical to the patient's survival, so the time from injury to advanced care is essential for determining the clinical result.
Poor Road Network: A patient could quickly bleed out as long as it takes to get to the hospital on the floor due to bad roads, poor road network, but air ambulances can efficiently bypass tight streets, portholes, crowded roads and twisty roads that may cause immediate injury to the patient.
Equipment: Air ambulances are fitted with essential medical equipment to monitor and treat patients who have been wounded or who are critically ill. Some of these are ventilators, ECGs, multi-parameter monitors, and stretchers. People qualified for air transportation are generally critically ill and in transit to the specialist center would involve critical care. Therefore, air ambulances must be equipped with this equipment.
Accessibility: Structural care centers are the primary critical care providers and are mostly situated in towns and key regions, offering very restricted access to individuals living or working in distant regions that may require specialized care. Only air ambulances, when seriously ill or wounded, can assist these individuals to receive definite care in an efficient and rapid way.

World-renowned Air Ambulance services in UGANDA
Hi Flying – Since 1991, Hi Flying Air Ambulance International has been a world-renowned medical transport and air ambulance company. With its hubs in Asia-Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nepal and the Middle East-Dubai, Uganda,Kenya in Africa and Sydney in Australia, it is the U.S .- based company with an operating center in India and the UAE Transfers from Medical Airport, Medical Case Management, International Patient Management, Patient Referral Hospital, Medical Repatriations, Commercial Flight Medical Assistance, Hi Flying Air Ambulance International is highly efficient in Aeromedical Services and Evacuations regions. Hi Flying - International Air Ambulance specializes in offering emergency air care accommodations ecumenically. These accommodations are subsidiary in dealing with emergency cases where patients need exigent medical care which is not within their vicinity. Under the short notice, the team at HI Flying Air Ambulance international air ambulances can affect safe and competent repatriation across the globe through the utilization of private jets or scheduled airlines. Its accommodations include providing medical escorts, facilitating admission to hospitals and ascertaining that there is an opportune medical referral, medical clearance, and transfers from airports.Services offered by HiFlying Air Ambulance include Aeromedical and Evacuation Service Providers, Medical Airport Transfers, Medical Case Staffing, Global Patient Management, Hospital Inpatient Referrals, Medical Repatriation, Medical Support for New Commercial Flights, Minor Services Escorting, Road and Rail Ambulance Services, and Domestic and International Destinations Repatriation for Human.

The services of Hi Flying is geared to offering high-quality patient care and secure transportation services since the beginning. Being a pioneer in the field of air ambulance service comes with a duty to maintain high standards so that subsequent adherents provide excellent services to Ugandan people as well as expat populations flying into the nation.  They carry patients with an abdominal and pelvic injury, burns, neurological considerations, chest symptoms cases, trauma cases, orthopedic injury, unstable angina, acute myocardial infarction, respiratory problems- pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, severe anemia, severe chronic renal failure, acute pancreatitis, and other medical conditions.
Modern Medical equipments with HiFling Air Ambulance For the patients in UGANDA. 
In addition to a team of extremely experienced and skilled physicians, trained nurses-they carry complete Advanced Life Support Medical Equipment Types including Cardiac Monitors, Pulse Oximeters, Ventilators, Infusion Pumps, Syringe Pumps, Oxygen Concentrators, Blood Glucose Monitors, Suction Machines and other Safe Transportation Accessories. Advanced medical devices such as IABP or ECMO can also be ordered. The range of sundry aircraft is available from rudimentary to the most advanced. Turbo propeller jets include Kingair C 90, Pilatus PC 12. Jet aircraft comprise Hawker 800, Learjet 35, Learjet 45, Learjet 60 and Gulfstream 150. All aircraft have full indemnification. 
Hi Flying is incredibly fast in keeping pace and meeting the ever-increasing demand for timely, professional and value services. They have been very professional and always in prayers to remember. Their unique selling point is the Most efficient and Professional Air Ambulance accommodations at the most economical-cost. They have a wealth of air ambulance experience, which provides not only life protection but also security and care.
Hi flying contact services.

Their office address in Asia is HI FLYING, A 101 Mangal arambh, Kora kendra, Mumbai 400092 (India). 
Best contact +91 98211 50889. Email
Please contact them at any moment during any medical requirements.

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