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Heathcare scenario in India

Heathcare scenario in India

​Lower courts give judgements. Higher courts change them. Higher courts give judgements, other benches change them. Government fights with courts. All of them work less than 8 hours (few exceptions) & have sumptuous vacations.  Judges without medical training decide about medico-legal cases. But none of them require exams to improve performance or to deliver better in spite of huge backlogs. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande

In almost every govt. office, in most departments controlled by them, bribery is a rule rather than exception. Piles of files do not move, pensioners die without pension & farmers commit suicides. But the concerned authorities who work 8 hours per day do not need any corrective courses or exams to assess their performance, to compare where the developed world is today.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

In most healthcare facilities run by governments, there are severe deficiencies: no appointments of doctors, no proper salaries, no facilities or backups, no security & worst of all, no vision. But the people who are responsible for making these policies do not need any training, assessment or exams. The very people who want youngest generations of doctors to provide world class medical services to rural India do not want to change their decade old failing policies.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

The 1000s of practicing Babas, Gurus, quacks who are officially seen tied up with the highest of the land & bash the allopathic & scientific medicines spreading poison in the society do not need any exams  to preach or practice.  
The lawmakers who don't ban tobacco, alcohol, helmetless driving, the people who eat unhealthy & mistreat themselves or family  do not need any exams. 
The transport offices that issue driving licences to unfit drivers do not need training or exams. 

We see many military men & out of respect treat them free. They are so patriotic that they seldom expect anything in return from the country. But they often relate how bad the conditions are for them & their families. There is a crop of people who quote the military sacrifices as if it was their own credit! Those who are responsible for the  upgradations in facilities for the military personnel do not still need any exams.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

There are deaths due to hunger & malnourishment. But the ones who are in a position to change this by making right laws do not need any exams. Illegal buildings are erected, labourers die when they collapse, but the concerned professionals do not need exams or assessment.

547 extremely responsible & respected representatives who waste the public money daily in crores over a month due to ego issues, not being able to come together in the interest of the nation to resolve issues, blaming it all upon each other do not need any exams to assess their performance.

But the actual allopathic doctor, who has stood highest merits in all exams, stayed on the top of the competition to earn his / her degree late in life, all of whose exams had 50 percent as passing limit as opposed to 35 percent in all other professions, who has sacrificed family life, sleep & food for over 10-15 years just for learning, who works almost 24/365 & solves health problems on a daily basis, updates his / her knowledge with CMEs, stays in touch with the latest & delivers it to the poorest of the poor with equal affection, carries the country’s failed healthcare upon his / her shoulder is not good enough for them! 
Now they want the allopath to appear for exams lifelong, suspecting that his / her knowledge is still not enough good for them, even after the CMEs.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

If the millions of doctors are forced to give exams repeatedly all their life, they will happily do so (for they are not afraid of exams). But this will take away billions of doctor-hours out of service (exam leaves) in an already failing healthcare system, will tax the patient more, will open up new channels of corruption & another universe of chaos will add itself to India. 
Who cares? The ruling mood seems to be ”Patients will die, patients will pay”.  

The current CMEs are world standard, do not tax patients & effective enough. But our system seems to want “better than the developed-world class of doctors”.

This is like the stone-age naked cavemen asking Einstein & Calvin Klein to appear for yearly exams to stay updated for serving them.

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