Air ambulance

Transport of a critical patient from Bali to Singapore

Transport of a critical patient from Bali to Singapore

Transporting a critical patient from Bali Indonesia to Singapore.

Bali Indonesia 

Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs.

The island is home to religious sites such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple.

To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns

Bali though a great tourist place does not have good facilities for Medical emergencies.

If your loved one needs dialysis, you need to fly the patient to a tertiary care center in Singapore.


Medical Status. All patients must be medically stable and able to fly in a non-pressurized plane. We may not

be able to fly some patients with seizure disorders. Please call to discuss your particular patient. We cannot

fly high-risk pregnancies or any pregnancy over 20 weeks.

Mobility. All patients must be ambulatory and able to board an aircraft with limited assistance. Some

exceptions can be made for children in wheelchairs who can be readily transferred in and out of the aircraft.

Acceptance is at the discretion of the Mission Operations staff and the mission pilot.

Medical Release. Prior to a patient's first mission, a medical release must be sent/faxed from the doctor or

hospital to Angel Flight West stating that the patient is "medically stable and able to fly in a non-pressurized

aircraft." (see page 6) There are NO exceptions.

Financial Need. Patients must have some financial need as verified by a social worker, discharge planner,

doctor, clergyman, etc.; or live in a remote area without easy access to commercial airports; or be immunocompromised to an extent that disallows their being around large numbers of people.

Origin of Requests. The initial request for a mission must be received from a social worker, doctor, other

medical personnel or other individuals qualified to verify the health condition and economic need of the

prospective patient/passenger. After a patient's first mission, he/she may request a flight directly. For

patients needing ongoing treatment and flights, the office may request an updated status on the patient

from the original requester or consult with the requester should problems arise.

Transplant Patients. Angel Flight West may be able to accommodate some patients needing transportation

for transplant surgery. Patients awaiting notification of organ availability must pre-register with the Angel

Flight West office and be aware that we are not a guaranteed service.

Combative Patients. Patients who are known to be combative will not be transported.

Undocumented Individuals. Angel Flight West will not knowingly provide transportation for undocumented


Luggage. Luggage must be kept to a maximum of 25lbs. of soft-sided luggage per person.

Distance. The normal distance for a single-leg flight is approximately 300 miles. Longer distance requests

maybe possible by linking flights that could require a full day to complete.

Advance Notice. Angel Flight West asks that flight requests be submitted a minimum of one week prior to

the desired date of the flight. We may be able to accommodate requests submitted with shorter notice.

Preparing to make your request

To help us help you and your patients as effectively as possible, have the following information available

when calling our office with a request.

Patient information needed for a successful travel

Appointment Dates and Times: It is important to be specific. If a patient's appointment is scheduled for very

early in the day, he/she may need to travel the day before, or if late in the day, travel home the following day,

particularly during the winter months and on longer trips. Trips of longer length may require a full day for


Pickup and Destination Airports: We can assist you in identifying airports if you provide the pickup and

destination cities. We fly into many airports which may be unfamiliar to you or your patient because they do

not have commercial flights.

Requester's Name and Agency and Phone Numbers and Addresses for both. 

Patient's Name, Address, Phone Numbers & E-mail Address (Include a cell phone number, work or pager

number & e-mail address if available, as contact information can be very valuable)

Patient's Illness, any other medical conditions (including pregnancy or seizure condition), the reason for

appointment, date of birth and weight.

Companion's Name, relationship, date of birth and weight and any additional phone numbers. Please state

any known medical condition of companions.

Medical equipment or excess baggage: Please have dimensions and weights.

Facility Contact Information: Medical Facility Name and Phone Number, Lodging Location and Phone

Numbers. This information is essential for a pilot trying to locate a passenger while they are at their

treatment facility.

Physician's Name and Phone Numbers.

Physician's Medical Release: This is mandatory. A form is included for the MD to sign if you haven’t already

received one. 

Financial need: What is the reason your passenger needs our services? 

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