I want a Medical escort in Singapore


I want a Medical escort in Singapore

I want a Medical Escort.

If you want your patient or loved one transferred safely with peace of mind - HI Flying Medical escort team is the right solution for you.

Our Medical escorts have the experience and capabilities to take care of your patient whether it is a simple case of a stroke with paralysis on wheelchair or a complex case requiring monitoring of various parameters and giving medications through a PEG tube and taking care of Foley's catheter or an adult diaper.

With all the resources available in terms of experience, permissions and medical equipment for monitoring and oxygen, they are better equipped for safe patient transport.

Our Medical escort is a friend, diplomat, confidante, tour guide, doctor, nurse and a medic all rolled into one. 

Our medical escorts

Our medical escorts are a vetted team of experienced and qualified doctors, nurses and paramedic - worked in ICU for atleast 2 years/ fully screened by an independent agency, multilingual and trained to handle culturally different patients and able to take care of your patient and family during the transport process.

His/Her job is complex and important.

He/She has been chosen and matched for your patient.

He/She is visa ready to fly at a blink's notice.

The equipment carried by him/her are all FAA approved safe and having battery life to last the whole journey and more.

One of our Patient's relatives observed our Medical escort and in appreciation for her services wrote-
"We should have nothing but admiration for your professional medical escorts. Your doctor did a fantastic job. Traveling alone with a sick person at some 38,000 feet is a daunting experience. There is nobody down the ICU to ask or call should the situation deteriorate, so you are it – the decision-maker. Not only are you responsible for the patient’s wellbeing, but also for any relative traveling (who often sees you as the life savior in case of an untoward incident), as well as other passengers who like to ‘rubber neck’, staring children, plus cabin crew to deal with should things get a little turbulent – in more ways than one.
I thank her from the bottom of my heart and the whole team of HI Flying who did the coordination for me"

Nevertheless, the role of medical escort is not, as some people think, jetting around the world on a sightseeing trip. There are a number of elements that need to gel to make each trip a success. Medical equipment, for instance, is fairly substantial for an individual to carry, and even getting it to the departing airport can be difficult – sometimes taking as long as the flight itself. Meeting all required scheduled times is also an escort’s responsibility. Ground ambulance transfers can be difficult, especially in areas of the world where there are no properly organized services, and dealing with the treating medical team overseas has its own problems too. Aside from language barriers, the treating team may not have been as informative about the patient’s condition as they could have been, meaning the patient’s condition may be a little more serious than previously thought. Most escorts in these circumstances will make their own assessment and decide if moving the patient is the right option. Usually, this is the case as, if the hospital has not reported the patient’s condition correctly, would you really want the individual left there unless moving them was considered life-threatening?

But they manage it always and they do it well so as to have a satisfied patient and family at the end of the transfer.

To know more about our medical escort services or to hire one - tell us about your patient and we will match the right medical escort for your travel.

Call or email us - admin@hiflyingllc.com

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