I want an Air Ambulance flight in Singapore


I want an Air Ambulance flight in Singapore

I want an Air Ambulance flight

Comprehensive services tailored to individual Patient needs

Air Ambulance safety for a patient is a combination of right Flight equipment and trained aviation and medical staff.

The Aircrafts flown are the following air machines -

  • Learjet 35
  • Learjet 45
  • Learjet 60
  • Gulfstream 150

Our Clients have the confidence of knowing our Flights operate with an emphasis on reliability, convenience and flexibility. 
Approved by aviation regulatory authorities worldwide, our flights are able to do transfers to any destination in the world. 

With flight plans individualized to specific needs, Customers receive custom support and service. Our team at HI Flying are committed to each patient comfort and safety, with every flight representing an opportunity to deliver outstanding and unmatched quality service for the patient onboard our flight.

Highly trained Medical Personnel

Our team of Doctors and Nurses with Paramedics are highly trained professionals who have done flights for years and handled all types of medical emergencies onboard these flights.
They are familiar with the equipment and trained for all anticipated medical emergencies that can happen in every flight.
They are briefed before any transport mission.

Training is an integral part of their routine.
It is a process - an ongoing process.
We follow the EURAMI guidelines for most protocols and policies.
Our Medical escorts follow the AHA guidelines American Heart Association AHA guide in all treatment charts.

This training takes place online where our employees read the information and take the required question-answer sessions on an LMS system. They come to a regular class prepared and are given scenarios based on monthly training. There is an intense discussion on treatment plans/actions and appropriate outcomes. During monthly continuing medical education, we also discuss appropriate quality management reviews along with our operational risk assessments. Our trauma training is done on an annual basis supervised by our Medical Director. The medical escorts who are not able to pass the tests and further trained and coached to reach the basic standards needed for the flight transfer. 

BLS, ALS and ATLS training certificates are updated on our records.
PALS certified Pediatric Anesthetist and Intensivist are given special training in view of the smaller patient and sensitive handling of the accompanying parents.
Cultural training sessions are undertaken at regular intervals every year.

The basis of the above training is a safe and professional patient transport process on all our flights.

EURAMI Standards

We follow the EURAMI standards - in terms of requirements such as patient assessment, patient loading and unloading procedures, flight physiology, stressors of flight, fatigue factors, air medical resource management, aircraft orientation and safety, in-flight medical emergencies, quality management, survival training and other such policies.

Medical Updates

Medical science and practice are constantly evolving, so quite apart from initial training, maintaining currency and skills building, there’s always something new to learn at every session.
Every training package has a ‘living curriculum’ that is constantly updated and improved, based on current practice, the related best evidence in the present scenario.

For the Pilots

Our Learning Centers for the Pilots, fully qualified under aviation regulatory requirements, operate with an emphasis on reliability, convenience and flexibility. Our goal is to advance missions by offering the specific training support needed, including access to simulator technology, specially designed training environments and the expertise of professional FAA- and EASA-qualified instructors.

Special simulator training is offered to select pilots in case they need to fly to high altitude airports like Leh in India, Kathmandu Nepal or Paro in Bhutan. At times, we have a list of pilots who are utilized as a second line accompanying the flight to this specific destination.

Human Factor CRM Training

HF CRM training covers your Initial, Recurrent, and Phased Recurrent requirements, and is applicable to all roles in your flight department. CRM system that covers all first basic and recurrent training for crew and medical personnel.

Professional liability insurance and Flight Insurance

All medical personnel is covered by Professional Liability Insurance of over 3 million USD and 1 million USD per incident.
All flights are fully insured.
Special insurance for war zone flying is taken before every flight.

US Military Bases

We fly USA Military bases including Diego Garcia and the pilots are well trained to land on these locations.
The flight crew and our operation team are able to take permissions at short notice for these destinations.

Pilot Training

Pilot training for the flight is an integral part of the everyday routine at HI Flying.

Train to Proficiency
No additional cost for extra simulator time when available.
Multiple Training Sessions
Additional recurrent training on primary aircraft, no extra charge.
Multiple Aircraft Training
Recurrent training on the second aircraft at no extra charge.

To conclude,

The expertise of flight doctors and nurses who are so dedicated to their roles comes at a cost to HI Flying– but it is, without doubt, an investment that pays for itself and we feel it is priceless in terms of safe patient outcomes. Proper preparation, after all, is the key to success in most aspects of life, and when it comes to medical treatment on board an air ambulance flight thousands of feet over the ocean, then successful outcomes are what matter most. 

We believe in safety and quality services.

To schedule an Air Ambulance flight - call us or email us - emergency@hiflyingllc.com
For information - email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com

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