I want to transfer my patient in a Commercial airline flight in Singapore


I want to transfer my patient in a Commercial airline flight in Singapore

I want a Commercial Flight Stretcher Travel

Assistance and Repatriation - the affordable way

Commercial Flight Stretcher travel is an affordable option for Air Ambulance flights for the right patient.

If a patient is critical but now stabilizing or well stabilized but weak enough to sit the long travel, a commercial flight stretcher transport can be chosen as the safe means of travel with experienced medical escorts.

The patient should be screened well and a thorough pre-travel assessment is needed to be done by the Medical Director.

Commercial escort cases have a significant time requirement. This is needed to arrange items like oxygen, when available and needed, or, when applicable, a stretcher. Airlines can increase these timescales if they wish, making the availability difficult so that, although they don’t decline, they make choices limited. Domestically in the US, it is nearly impossible to arrange a stretcher on a commercial airline. International carriers that do carry stretchers are much more flexible and acquainted with handling medical cases. This familiarity leads to ease in transferring patients. There is often more knowledgeable staff and crew that are familiar with the equipment and cases. 

HI Flying with its sheer volume of cases that it does on Stretcher flights with select airlines like Emirates, Turkish, Philippines, Air India, KLM, Singapore, Thai airways - it has good relations with the staff and department that facilitate stretcher. It has a dedicated team just taking care of Medical clearance on an everyday basis. This makes booking stretcher and moreover, arranging all permissions a breeze for them.

Based on patient clinical conditions, they know exactly what is required to be ordered and planned for the travel. They know the oxygen needs of the patient, the stretcher requirement, the medical rooms at intermittent airports, the exact duration of stay allowed in the Medical Room, the tarmac transfer process and every small detail are worked out in a perfect manner.

About the Medical escorts, they are vetted and screened in all ways - fully experience. They undergo in-house courses that are designed for doctors, nurses and paramedics who act as aeromedical escorts. They are taught by aviation physiology and retrieval medicine experts and deal with relevant issues of the special physical, physiological and psychological stresses that are important in the flight environment, the types of conditions that are susceptible to this form of transfer and how patients may be safely transported.

They are trained and experienced in the art of using medical equipment in the limited resource environment of a Commercial flight and can handle serious complications in case it happens in the flight.

This makes the process of patient transport a smooth and safe journey.

Try booking a Commercial Flight Stretcher with us and it works like clockwork for the patient.

For more details, planning and quote, send your medical report to admin@hiflyingllc.com and get a quote.

In case of emergency - email us at emergency@hiflyingllc.com or just call us and we would love to talk to you.

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