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Medical escort Doctors in Singapore

A fully trained team of doctors who are visa ready to fly your patient at any time of the day or night is available.

The doctors are experienced in emergency medicine and have over 3 years of experience working in a Critical care unit of a hospital.

They are BLS and ALS qualified to handle all medical emergencies during the journey.

Continuity of Care

One Medical Doctor is allocated to one patient right from the start of the process, which includes pretravel assessment, travel planning, travel implementation to medical escorting, and ending with a travel summary given to our Insurance or Assistance clients.

This continuity of care means at least one member of the air medical transport team is accountable for the patient from the beginning to the end of the mission, thus reducing risk by allowing for smoother medical repatriation. Other checks that are put in place by sHI Flying include determining the suitability of the receiving facility. “We won’t facilitate transport until we are guaranteed of proper care on the receiving end. We have sent our medical escorts to train the family members at their home in the destination to train them on how to take care of the patient when at home. It is preferable to have the patient transported to a hospital set up before transitioning to home care, for we are assured that the patient is stable and all is well.

Medical escorting and matching.

Our Medical Director takes care of matching the right Doctor escort with the right patient clinical status.

We have within our system of grading the doctor escort into 5 levels.

Level one and two for primary stable patient care and Level 3 for more critical patients and Level 4 and Level 5 for patients on a ventilator and advanced life supports, including IABP and ECMO.

Medical Doctor and visas

Our Medical doctor escorts are located in various strategic locations, including Asia/ME/USA/Australia; thereby, we can activate the transfers at short notice. They are visa ready to fly to any country and speak the language of the patient.

Medical Doctor Health and vaccination

The Medical doctors themselves undergo Medical checkups at regular intervals to assure they can take the stress of escorting, which involves taking care of patients on long haul flights.

Pretravel assessment

Pretravel assessment is an integral part of the Transport process. Assessment of patients with the help of medical reports and physically seeing and assessing a patient is essential, especially in the case of a critical patient who is considered fit to fly.

Palliative care and end of life decision

There can also be occasions where the treating and repatriation doctors want to honour the wishes of a palliative care patient and their family members. The patient wants to return home at the end of their life situation - it may be cancer or a severe traumatic brain injury to be with their family, and in such situations - we need to look at fit to fly status differently.

Ventilator patients on Commercial airlines

A patient who is ventilator are considered critical, and they would typically need a Medevac Charter Air Ambulance flights.

However, if the patient cannot afford an Air Ambulance flight or the insurance does not cover it, our MD escorts are capable of taking care of the patient in a Commercial flight stretcher arrangement.

Smooth and Safe Process

Over the years, our medical escort at HI Flying has put in place numerous procedures to help – as far as possible – transfers to go without a hitch. Information gathering, talking directly with the treating doctor and meeting the patient at the hospital rather than the airport, where allowable, are some of the critical processes that have helped smooth the repatriation process.

To schedule an MD Medical escort for your patient, do call us or email us at, and we will help you with the complete process of travel.

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