Medical Evacuation services in Singapore


Medical Evacuation services in Singapore

HI Flying Air Ambulance provides its services 24/7/365 from Singapore and can also rely on a dense network of international cooperation agreements, which ensures speedy and smooth execution of intensive care transports with bed-to-bed service. 

HI Flying - Air Ambulance with its fleet of a dedicated air ambulance aircrafts which includes -

  • Learjet 35
  • Learjet 45
  • Learjet 60
  • Gulfstream 150

And its state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies to ensure the best possible patient care in the air. All our flights are staffed by an experienced intensive care medical team consisting of at least one physician and one flight nurse.

A medical evacuation is the emergency transport of one or more persons, usually by some form of air transportation, to the closest health care facility, such as a tertiary care hospital like Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth, or Singapore General Hospital.

Patients may be located in remote locations in neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, or a USA military base like Diego Garcia, and they need higher treatment to tertiary care set up for lifesaving medical or surgical treatment.

About HI Flying

Having built our reputation in the field of medical transportation since 1991, our understanding of the clinical situation and the preparation needed for the same has helped us in planning the safest possible plan for a medical transport 

Our core values are professionalism reliability, affordability, and our investment in staff and systems development ensure our clients always receive quality services at a premium cost.

An excellent example of Medical Evacuation is :

A skier may accidentally fall off a cliff on a difficult to reach a spot on a mountain. Also, there may not be a hospital anywhere close to the mountain. In this circumstance, a medical evacuation via helicopter would be necessary to fly the injured skier to the nearest health care facility for proper treatment.

Performing medical evacuations is a crucial part of emergency response for the HI Flying team. It isn't straightforward to complete a medical evacuation since it involves complexity and intricacy. 

It takes about six emergency responders to pull a victim off, which as well involves a multidisciplinary team, a nursing team, and a medical team.

An example of medical evacuation is the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxidation (ECMO) where a patient is needed to be moved to a different place when their heart is disconnected from their bodyECMO mimics the action of the heart and lungs while the patient’s organs are disconnected.

Besides transporting a patient on a ventilator with high dependency, PEEP and low lung reserve is always a challenge, especially in long-range patient transport.

Proper planning includes choosing the right medical team, a thorough pre-travel assessment of the patient, medical equipment check, medical oxygen planning, ground transport coordination, hospital bed confirmation in the destination is all-important steps to safe patient transport.

We do this every day, and we do it well.

To schedule a planned or an emergency patient transport - do call us.

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