Singapore Airlines Commercial flight Stretcher


Singapore Airlines Commercial flight Stretcher

Commercial Flight Stretcher as an affordable option for Patient travel to an International destination

If your patient is very sick or critical and you need to transport the patient to your home - the best way to do so is an Air Ambulance flight.

However, if Air Ambulance flights are not affordable or your insurance company does not approve a medevac flight - the next best suitable option for your family is a Commercial flight Stretcher option.

It is safe, convenient and possible for many families who have their patients located in a foreign land on long-standing illnesses requiring a prolonged hospital stay.

Patients on a ventilator can also be transported in Commercial flight Stretcher arrangements worldwide.

Commercial Airlines Stretcher travel

HI Flying has good affiliate working relationships with Emirates, Turkish, Singapore, Thai, KLM, Saudia, Philippines and Air India to facilitate a quick stretcher for your loved ones.

Unlike the medical flight where the patient has the entire flight to himself, a commercial airline stretcher uses a part of a regular flight. A few seats are usually taken off to accommodate the patient in a sleeping position on the stretcher, and also to have all necessary medical equipment. The relatives or loved ones of the patient can easily travel along with the patient as there is no constraint for space.

Many factors decide the choice of a Commercial flight stretcher for your patient. Very important is to understand the medical condition of the patient so as to evaluate the safety of travel. It is important to understand the limitations and be prepared for the journey in the right manner.

An experienced medical escort team is important to make the travel safe for the patient. Medical equipment planning is very important. Oxygen plays an important role in a Commercial flight stretcher travel. It is important to get a bed to bed services including tarmac transfer of the patient from one airport to another airport.

At the end of the day, making the choice between a medical flight and commercial airline stretcher largely depends on the condition of the patient and the decision of the treating doctor.

Stretcher and Medical Assistance

Passengers who are completely immobile and unable to sit may request for an onboard stretcher.


Passenger must be accompanied by an able-bodied escort.

Requests must be made through your travel agent, Air India Express or Ticket Office, at least 48 hours before the flight.

A Medical Information Form (MEDIF) signed by a registered medical practitioner should be submitted 72 hours prior to departure.

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